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Pratt Personal Training

Pratt Personal Training

Helmed by James Pratt and his amazing team of fitness experts, PPT has been serving Bridgewater with the highest-quality fitness training in the area.

We are all about helping you accomplish your goals and providing you with an incredible, supportive community where you can train hard and pursue your fitness journey.

We offer hands-on instruction and a 100% custom-designed program that is tailored to your unique starting point, goals, and injury history.

At PPT, we are all about helping you get lasting results by providing you with expert coaches and a supportive community where you can train hard and pursue your fitness journey while never getting hurt in the gym.

All Pratt memberships also include additional unlimited access to our BURN program (HIIT cardio classes). Unlike many gyms, we do not have long-term contracts (you can cancel anytime).

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