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Beloved Bath

Beloved Bath

We first met on the playground over 20 years ago—before our sons John and Justin were diagnosed with autism. The bonds of our friendship deepened as we dedicated ourselves to finding ways to help our children thrive and flourish. We discovered the magic of relaxing salt and lavender baths. The boys were more calm, centered, and happy after a soak, and they had a lot of fun making the bath mixtures with us! Their enjoyment in the process coupled with our knowledge that opportunities for adults with autism were scarce was the catalyst for Beloved Bath.

We wanted to create a community that would empower and employ people with autism. It was important for us to build a place where the work was meaningful, enjoyable, and added value to the lives of our employees and the community. In 2017, with that goal in mind, Beloved Bath was formed.

Our mission is meaningful employment for people with autism.

Thank you for supporting the Halloween Ball!


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