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Body Align Physical Therapy

Jill Hoefs, MPT – owner of Body Align Physical Therapy and author of Your Best Pregnancy. One of Jill’s better traits is her refusal to get complacent or stagnant in her career. She has a thirst for knowledge and the skill set to provide the best care for her patients. After gaining valuable experience at different NYC physical therapy facilities, Jill created Body Align Physical Therapy in 2009 in the heart of Union Square. Jill and her team helped thousands of patients meet their goals and enjoy life without pain. Like many, Jill shifted gears when the pandemic hit and relocated her practice to New Providence, NJ.

Jill has passion for helping pregnant and postpartum patients. She believes too many women don’t receive the care they need for abdominal pain, embarrassing urine leaks, pelvic floor and tailbone pain, painful sex, aching menstrual cycles and more. Jill helps women so they can enjoy life without pain and self-consciousness.

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